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 New Version Clarifications from DeathGod

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PostSubject: New Version Clarifications from DeathGod   Thu Feb 01, 2007 12:21 pm

this is my last word about this
i will work with my GMs to make the settings (drops,exp,spots) more nicers for you.

Actual Server its an original version 100% i swear on my life i dont bullshit u! and this settings u "dont like" are infact original settings of an REAL server...not those BUGGED private servers u played before so try to understand everything its just for the best.

Now u need some levels to use skills thats why sometimes some skills dont work...and because i think its better like that tomorow "01 Feb 2007" i will reset all skills/spells and u can add them again bugless.

Also now all characters all equal...pls dont tell me they are not i check them ! We fix BK huge HP boost for moment and also SM huge Mana Shield defense so all can be killed and they can kill.

Also u complain about DL, DL my dear players its not the bugged DL u knew before, now hes working 100% that means u need command up, also ur bird need to lvl up too to be strong!

Please dont add stats more then 32767 because u will go on negative stats (- stats) and u will not be able to do nothing (one of the reasons u dont give damage like it should)

Everytime as big stats character when u join an server pump som potions to ur life because everytime u enter in an server u have low HP.

Kalima works an event now...make an lost map and drop it on ground, it will spawn an door, u enter there and go to kalima.

Crywolf works an event now every 6 hours, when server will say that Balgass its attacking CryWolf type /move CryWolf and u enter in event
U need Elfs to protect the statues and the rest of players defend the elfes.

Castle Siege works too and now its automaticaly...u just need to go to valey of loren, you have an gate in lorencia...i guess in South...and register there too atack...u need Lord Signs to register, the one with more lord signs will attack.

Lvl up was fixed for all characters so now u can lvl up more faster, thats why i restart all characters with lvl 1 and exp 0. (the problem was from old DB)

Fernir can be made now in chaos just need to get pieces and combine them in CM...we will post soon an howto in forum.

U can combine Jewels on the NPC Lampah 10 bless = 1 big bless and so on.

The accounts who can't login in website or game or both will be fixed...those people who have problems like that pls PM to Kimberly in forum they actual account, password and 5 diferent want to be account name(i ask 5 because some can be used allready).

All items who was lost by donors will be returned back once the SHOP its back...i ask you to have patience with that because the new version use new item codes and we need to make SHOP working with the new items.

Every other problems please report them to our GMs and i will be notify by them and try to fix them if it is the case. Please stop trying to PM me directly...i'm allready to busy with server and website so i dont have time to answer u all.

Thanks for understanding

Thanks Deathgod for Thread!

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New Version Clarifications from DeathGod
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